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Updated March 16, 2015 - It is with a heavy heart that I am having to write this, Steve Pick lost his battle with leukemia on Feb 7, 2015. While going through his items I found a letter addressed to me to update the pick family website one more time with some last thoughts. The letter was dated 2/21/2010, so it may not be fully relevant but it is below.

"Sorry I wasn't able to clean up the data and correct all the typos but my time ran out. I have had fun trying to create this file. My citations improved as I worked with genealogy but I am sure there are a lot of entries missing them. Also, I want to thank the numerous folks for their help. Names taht come to mind are the grand old gentleman Ken McKenzie (deceased) who helped with all the Kell families, Lorraine Scrimshaw who is the queen of the Allwood family, HOward Travis who helped with Travis information, John Forrest in Australia, a Kell man, who helped me make contacts, Jarlath Bancroft in Keighley who is the custodian of the West Yorkshire Bancrofts, and there are many others but time is short now." Steve Pick

Updated 25 March 2012. The previous update was lost due to a server crash. Since then another 10 names have been added to make the total 2351

Updated 8 Jan 2012. There are now 2341 names. I know there are still errors. I have relied common sense but the father of James Travis looks iffy with ages of father and son. Without anything better it is still shown. Terry Pearce helped with Chiltons in Dawley but there were so many, piecing them altogether is a work in progress. Jarlath Bancroft in Keighley is the master of West Yorkshire Bancrofts and has a site with lots of information. If there are known errors please let me know but it may take a while before the next update to the site is done.

Updated 28 March 2010. The last time this site was updated there were 976 names so that was a good few months ago. Today I am uploading the Legacy file with 1646 names. I am indebted to Lorraine Scrimshaw for providing many Allwood names. Joyce Allwood was Jacqueline Travis's mother. Many other folks have helped me with Howard Travis identifying some of the early Travis family. This upload doesn't imply that I don't have any more data. It means that I need to put my work in the public area in case anybody else has an interest in the data. I recently had a serious medical issue arise and I would hate to think that all my data was on my laptop if anything did happen to me. I seem to be recovering slowly but it still seems a good idea to make an upload. The early entries didn't have too much work done on verifying citations. As time has passed I have tried to list the citations. These are provided in "Notes" and "Citations", but there are still holes, typographical errors and probably other errors. I just rely on the Legacy SW to provide the format for all the data you can see. I welcome any feedback and corrections. Steve Pick Richardson TX steve@trycom.com

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